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Creaghan’s (1875–1986)

My father, Bill Creaghan provided plenty of ideas and suggestions for this website and even wrote some of the entries, including biographies of his mother and father, and J.D. Creaghan. John McManus was also a great help, with photos, documents and stories of his own, which he generously shared with me. John McManus and Dad both knew J.D. Creaghan quite well. Besides Priscilla Hazen (while her mother served overseas as a nurse in World War One), they were the only grandchildren to actually live for a time under the same roof with the family patriarch. Bernie Morrison also provided – and continues to provide – a wealth of very helpful information. If you have an obituary, short biography, story, article, or video about a dearly departed family member you would like to share, please email it to

Lawrence Creaghan