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Counter-clockwise from left: Marion and Bill Creaghan, and unknown friends
Alan Creaghan
Alan Creaghan in clogs, Toronto, 1980
Allie, Don, Neen, and J.A. Creaghan playing bridge
Bun and Yvonne Creaghan celebrating in the 1950s
Burnt Church living room in 2000
Early photo of Burnt Church living room
Clare Creaghan, Villa Maria College (Montreal) graduation photo from 1904
Creaghan’s Chatham store
Bun Creaghan, World War I
Dick Creaghan, Creaghan’s Centennial, 1975
Dick, John, and Nonie Creaghan
Dick and Nonie Creaghan
Marven and Don Creaghan
Dick, John, Mark, D.S., Alan, and Tom Creaghan
D.S. Creaghan as a wee lad
Seated: Nonie, D.S. (with Sande on lap), and Rita (with Lexie) Creaghan. Standing: Alan, Tom, Dick, Sally, Mark, and John Creaghan
D.S. and Rita Creaghan celebrating
D.S. Creaghan as a young man
Elizabeth Laura Marven, Alice Creaghan’s older sister, died of typhoid fever in 1906
Ellen Gertrude Creaghan (née Adams), the family matriarch
Ellen Redelfs (née McManus), McGill graduation photo
Eoghan Garvey, Sande Bunting’s late husband
John McManus with grandparents Ellen and J.D. Creaghan
Alice and Jack Creaghan
First row: Barbara Creaghan, Davida Creaghan, Clare Creaghan. Second row: Donal Friel, Marion Marven, J.A. Creaghan, Alice Creaghan, Gretchen Creaghan. Third row: Don Creaghan, Marion Friel, W.V. Creaghan, Carol Creaghan, Bill and Thérèse Creaghan, Marven Creaghan
Liberal leadership contender Jean Chrétien received a copy of Songs of the Miramichi when he dropped by Friday Night’s Bicentennial Live Recording session. He received the book from Newcastle Mayor John Creaghan who delighted the audience when he unexpectedly sang a couple of verses from ‘The Jones Boys.’ – Miramichi Leader, April 11, 1984
Ellen and J.D. Creaghan outside home
John Creaghan, Creaghan’s Centennial, 1975
J.D. Creaghan at work
Newcastle Mayor John Creaghan surrounded by his town councillors
John Creaghan in London
John and Maureen Hazen
Gordon Creaghan, who died tragically while trying to save a friend from drowning in 1979
J.D. Hazen, afternoon siesta, Youghall Beach near Bathurst in the mid-1970s
John Creaghan (left) with Rosebud (dog)
John Creaghan, World War II
Marion Eileen Creaghan, married to John Creaghan
John McManus II, husband of Clare Creaghan
John McManus III, World War II
John McManus III, McGill graduation photo
Bill and Marion Creaghan
John Creaghan on tricycle
Nonie Creaghan, Mayor D.S. Creaghan, Marjorie Davidson (a descendant of one of the early Scots pioneers of the Miramichi), Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother), and King George VI, Royal Tour 1939
His Worship Mayor Creaghan and Mrs. Creaghan welcome King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother) to Newcastle as Prime Minister Mackenzie King looks on
Margaret Dobson, mother of Alice Creaghan
Neen and Bun Creaghan, Malcolm, Jim, and Priscilla McConnell, Mary McConnell and Yvonne Creaghan, Burnt Church
Nonie Creaghan and other guests at Beaverbrook’s fishing camp
Marion Friel (née Marion Aileen Creaghan)
Mark Creaghan and Rose Hazen
Mary Wellwood, mother of Rita Creaghan (née Buckley)
Mollie Creaghan
Mollie Creaghan
Neen Creaghan, Burnt Church
Aileen (Neen) Creaghan, Red Cross Nurse, World War I
Micah Creaghan
Neen Creaghan, Villa Maria College (Montreal) graduation photo from 1905
The D.S. Creaghan residence on Pleasant Street, Newcastle (getting readied for a paint job)
Creaghan’s Newcastle Store, “the finest building in town”
Nonie Creaghan, 1935
Lord Beaverbrook and Nonie Creaghan
Daily Gleaner reporter Nonie Creaghan interviews Lord Beaverbrook
Bill and Nonie Bunting on their wedding day
Nonie and father of the bride
Nonie, Bill, and Sandra Bunting
Nonie Creaghan
Nonie Creaghan and Prince
Nonie and Sandra Bunting
Rita Buckley
Yvonne Buckley
Bill Creaghan (second row, third from right) and other officers in training for World War II
Bill Creaghan congratulated by St. Thomas University president Dr. Daniel W. O’Brien in 2002 after being awarded a Doctor of Laws Degree in recognition of his service to the commmunity
“Westmorland Wins with Creaghan,” Bill Creaghan as a new MP
Bill Creaghan easy riding in Bermuda
Bill Creaghan clears the bar
Bill Creaghan, and Olive and John Diefenbaker on the road to victory in 1958
Bill Creaghan, World War II
Bill and Thérèse Creaghan, Burnt Church, 1967
Bill and Thérèse Creaghan, Shediac, 1987
Bill and Thérèse Creaghan, Sackville, 1997
Bill and Thérèse Creaghan, wedding day 1950, J.A. as doorman
Bill and Thérèse Creaghan, honeymooners
Bill and Thérèse Creaghan in 1950